Press & Professionals

Press Pass Requests

Long Beach Comic Expo welcomes all members of the world press to this year’s event. We are happy to provide approved reporters with a complimentary press badge (no guests allowed).

Please note:

  • We allow two reporters per outlet. Each reporter should fill out their own application.
  • Our press badge will grant you access to the show floor during the official show hours.
  • Your press badge does not allow you to skip lines.

Our priority is to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for attendees, press, vendors and guests alike, so please conduct yourself professionally at all times and announce yourself as a press representative (naming your outlet) when approaching vendors, guests and attendees. Be courteous and ask permission before shooting pictures of vendors, attendees (including cosplayers), and guests (who may be charging for pictures). We want everyone to be happy, so your cooperation is a big part of that.

Press Requests

Please send press and professional pass questions, interview and promotional request to

Professional Information

Long Beach Comic Expo is pleased to offer credentialed, published industry professionals, and those in the related industries of film, television, animation, guilds, gaming, etc. complimentary admission to the show.  Professionals are welcome to apply for a complimentary pass through February 1, 2019.  A pass requested after that date will incur a $20 fee.

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